Jones Payne Selected to Lead Sound Transit RSIP

BOSTON, Mass., September 30, 2021 –The Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) has appointed Jones Payne to direct its Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) for the Lynnwood Link Extension and East Link Extension projects. As Program Manager, Jones Payne will work to reduce interior sound levels for homes impacted by the light rail projects. Jones Payne will lead a team of experts, providing program management, architectural and acoustic design, mechanical, electrical, structural and environmental engineering, homeowner coordination, construction management, and field representation. Jones Payne previously served as Sound Transit’s Program Manager for its Central Link Light Rail RSIP, which was completed in late 2014 and treated 295 households.

“Public transit is a critical tool in meeting the challenges of climate change and creating livable communities. We feel fortunate to continue our partnership with an organization that is committed to providing access to public transportation, and is also dedicated to addressing the negative noise impacts of Sound Transit’s operations within its surrounding communities. The work we do is vital as sound insulation treatments lessen the intrusion of noise, providing relief to homeowners and improving their quality of life”, says John Hansen, President & CEO of Jones Payne.

Jones Payne’s selection comes as Sound Transit finalizes its Northgate Link light rail extension, which is set to open for passenger service on October 2. The 4.3-mile extension adds three new stations to the current light rail route, with stops in Seattle’s U-District and Roosevelt neighborhoods and a stop in Northgate. The extension offers transportation options for commuters and is conveniently located near North Seattle College and the Kraken’s new community iceplex and practice center.

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