Philadelphia International Airport

Residential Sound Insulation Program

For 8 years, Jones Payne served as the prime consultant for Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP).  In that time, Jones Payne managed all program efforts, providing comprehensive residential sound insulation services. The RSIP, a first in the Delaware Valley region, addressed homes located in neighborhoods within the 65 DNL noise contour and was part of a larger effort by the City of Philadelphia Division of Aviation (City) to reduce aircraft noise levels for local communities.


  • Develop and implement an information management system that provides status reports for each phase of the sound insulation process. 
  • Complete the sound mitigation of 529 units.

Program Planning

The City of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Department hired Jones Payne to conduct a 3-part feasibility study at Fort Mifflin, a Revolutionary War National Landmark Property located adjacent to Philadelphia International Airport. Jones Payne was part of a team that worked to develop and execute the study, which focused on maintaining the architectural and historical integrity of 3 of the Fort’s 14 buildings – the Officers’ Quarters, the Restoration Hospital/Mess Hall and the Soldiers’ Barracks. To accomplish these goals, Jones Payne provided a range of services to include an existing conditions survey, acoustical testing, treatment recommendations, and cost estimates.


  • The final report included:
    • Results of a review of each treatment option with various historical agencies.
    • A recommendation that all materials and products possess architectural elements that match former styles and materials, in order to minimize impacts to visual elements of building that are important to the historical and architectural character of the Fort
    • A treatment approach, which included a combination of architectural improvements (i.e. windows, doors, ceilings and walls) and mechanical/electrical improvements.
    • 3 cost estimates that described different treatment options for sound-reducing windows and doors, in compliance with Section 106 historic preservation requirements.

Information Management

Jones Payne provided a broad array of geographic information systems (GIS) solutions to assist the City’s RSIP. The Jones Payne team was responsible for the design and implementation of an information management system equipped with a database to manage details for each home and GIS to coordinate all sound insulation activities.


  • Designed, developed and implemented an information management system, which was linked to GIS for mapping purposes, and contained modules that assisted with:
    • Tracking and reporting individual home and aggregated phase status updates.
    • Scheduling homeowner visits and appointments.
    • Logging and tracking homeowner issues and follow-up actions.
    • Documenting homeowner contacts.
    • Generating reports to summarize project management activities.