Blue Line Modernization Project

Residential Sound Insulation Program

Jones Payne worked in collaboration with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), providing comprehensive noise mitigation services for the Blue Line Modernization Project. The Blue Line Modernization Project, which began in the late 1990s, funded the noise mitigation of properties in East Boston and Revere impacted by the transit system. Work included constructing sound walls, placing rubber mats under tracks, and sound insulating residential properties located directly adjacent to the transit right-of-way.

As lead consultant for this project, Jones Payne was responsible for the residential sound insulation component,  providing program management, acoustical testing, treatment recommendations, architectural and acoustic design, construction management, homeowner outreach, construction inspection, and project close-out.


  • The MBTA partnered with the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) to utilize the policies and procedures created for Boston Logan International Airport’s Residential Sound Insulation Program. This approach lowered the Authority’s front-end costs, allowed for a quicker mobilization effort, and minimized administrative costs.
  • The MBTA extended acoustical treatments to the entire building envelope instead of limiting them to impacted facades. This decision was made because an active sound insulation program was in already in progress due to noise impacts from Boston Logan International Airport.
  • Treatments were extended to the whole building envelope, including supplemental wall and ceiling work and upgrades to through wall air conditioners
  • Completed the sound insulation of 130 dwellings.

Did you know the MBTA went beyond standard sound insulation treatments for the Blue Line Modernization Project? The treatments were applied to the entire building envelope rather than being limited to line of sight along the right-of-way. These expanded treatments were offered to noise mitigation efforts from Massport in the same neighborhoods.


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