Burlington International Airport

Noise Mitigation Program

Since 2014, Jones Payne has worked with the City of Burlington, providing a variety of on-call services in support of Burlington International Airport’s (BTV) Sound Mitigation Program (Program), which was created to mitigate potentially adverse noise effects felt by neighborhoods adjacent to BTV operations.

  • Provides comprehensive community outreach activities and initiatives, including the development of an interactive Program website.
  • Helped develop and continues to support the BTV Sound Committee, comprised of airport partners who meet regularly to discuss the effects of sound that BTV creates on the region, and advocates for proactive sound solutions.

Program Planning

Jones Payne provides comprehensive program planning and implementation services to support the successful launch of BTV’s Program. 

  • Provided grant writing assistance to secure FAA funding for BTV’s Program.
  • Provided Exhibit A Updates/ALP Updates.
  • Conducting a Noise Exposure Map Update, based on predicted noise levels of the F-35A military fighter jet program at the Vermont Air National Guard base, located at BTV.
  • Conducting a Noise Compatibility Program Update, recommending noise mitigation measures and future land use planning initiatives.
  • Manages the acoustical testing of public buildings located in the designated noise boundary.

Information Management

Jones Payne provides comprehensive information management services to support BTV’s Program with respect to project controls, community outreach and GIS.

  • Converted existing Exhibit A documents from CAD to GIS, following FAA data standards and enabled the future sharing of electronic data with the FAA.
  • The new Exhibit A system is fully maintainable in an airport database. Exhibit A revisions are simplified to a process of updating the easement and/or purchase sale records and fully formatted and able to submit. Exhibit A documents can be auto-generated with a few button clicks.
  • Generated GIS mapping to assist efforts to conduct a Noise Exposure Map Update.
  • Developed, hosting and maintaining a program database to assist efforts to conduct a Noise Compatibility Program Update.
  • Utilizing GIS to analyze and pre-set the eligibility of properties for the Program.
  • Providing information management/GIS support services for the acquisition of residential lands.
  • Creating an interactive website to allow homeowners the opportunity to instantly access status information.