City of Phoenix Aviation Department

Valley Christian Center:  Building Envelopes & Ventilation

The City of Phoenix Aviation Department (City) hired Jones Payne as lead architect to sound insulate Valley Christian Center, Southwest Unit (Center) – as part of the City’s Sound Insulation Mitigation Services (SIMS) program. The City created SIMS to reduce noise inside non-residential buildings located in a designated noise boundary near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Jones Payne worked closely with the City and a team of engineers, acoustical consultants and construction contractors, providing comprehensive design and construction administrative services.

The Center is comprised of 2 buildings. The east building serves as a tenant office and meeting space for the Phoenix Revitalization Corporation, a non-profit community agency, along with a computer classroom used by the Center. The west building is comprised of offices, a library/classroom, a large meeting room, a food preparation area, and a secondary multi-purpose area.

Prior to SIMS implementation, Jones Payne facilitated the feasibility study, which served as the organizational basis for the program. As lead consultant for the study, Jones Payne formulated the project approach including treatment options, schedules and budgets specific to each eligible site and building.


  • Established priority of treatment recommendations.
  • Met with building owners and community stakeholders to conduct architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, and acoustical evaluations.
  • Hosted public outreach meetings with church leaders, parishioners and families to inform them of the project.
  • Mitigated a variety of challenges to include managing work in occupied spaces.
  • Installed the following sound insulation materials:
    • New sound-reducing acoustical ceiling tiles.
    • New sound-reducing windows
    • New sound-reducing exterior doors
    • Installation of outside air dampers to ensure proper ventilation.