City of Phoenix Aviation Department

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul:  Building Envelopes & Ventilation

Jones Payne served on a team that sound insulated the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul’s Hall of Banners – as part of the City of Phoenix Aviation Department’s (City) Community Noise Reduction Program (CNRP). The City created CNRP to reduce aircraft noise inside residential and non-residential buildings located in a designated noise boundary near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Jones Payne worked closely with the City and a team of engineers, acoustical testers and construction contractors, providing comprehensive design and construction administrative services.

Prior to CNRP implementation, Jones Payne facilitated the feasibility study, which determined potentially eligible structures and served as the organizational basis for the program. As lead consultant for the study, Jones Payne formulated the project approach including treatment options, schedules and budgets specific to each eligible site and building.


  • Established priority of treatment recommendations.
  • Met with building owners and community stakeholders to conduct architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, and acoustical evaluations.Mitigated a variety of challenges to include managing work in occupied spaces.
    • The Hall of Banners is open year round and is a multi-use facility that hosts a variety of educational classes and activities for adults and families. Each evening the organization feeds 200-300 people inside the Hall of Banners. To minimize construction impact and to avoid any disruption of service, CNRP constructed a temporary wall, dividing the Hall of Banners into two parts. This phasing allowed construction to occur on one side of the building while activities continued on the other side.
  • Building Improvements included:
    • New windows and doors
    • Upgraded mechanical systems (including heat pump and ceiling fans).