Seattle Central College

Lecture Hall, Room 4106: Renovations

South Seattle College (SSC) requested our expertise to provide comprehensive renovations to Room 4106, a lecture hall on campus. The team focused on creating a design that would resonate with millennial aspirations, provide an efficient use of space, improve accessibility, and offer the latest in audio-visual technology.

The original lecture hall consisted of continuous rows of desks with fixed seating and side aisles, prohibiting flow and movement. The renovations to the hall included 2 center aisles, allowing the presenter access to the seating areas while providing improved instructional flexibility.


  • Managed all stakeholder communication.
  • Removed front projection screen with standard whiteboards.
  • Designed and installed a new projection wall with continuous glass panels, including glass writing boards and glass projection panels. All installed glass panels are writable.
  • Removed suspended ceiling and painted ceiling plenum and structure above Lecture Hall black to create a sense of volume.
  • Installed suspended acoustical clouds to baffle noise and provide formality to the space.