Newton Housing Authority

Multiple Housing Developments

The Newton Housing Authority (NHA) hired Jones Payne to assist in modernization and rehabilitation efforts for multiple buildings located throughout the city of Newton, MA. Jones Payne worked closely with NHA on several projects, providing a range of architectural services to include existing conditions surveys and assessments, prioritization of work and phasing plans, construction administration, drawings, and inspection.


  • 76 Webster Park
    • Performed all historical design services to restore the existing single-family home for public housing.
    • Selected products and materials for durability and consistency with the historic fabric of the home.
    • Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) developed a new duplex on the back section of the site. This innovative project – the first of its kind in the City of Newton – brought together NHA and Habitat to expand affordable housing within Newton’s otherwise expensive housing market.
  • Jackson Gardens
    • Performed existing conditions assessments for the bathrooms of 64 housing units in the 7-building complex.
    • Completed the evaluation report for the existing conditions of all fixtures, bathroom accessories, and HVAC and developed design solutions that took into consideration the limited construction budgets, needs of residents, and longevity of products and installations.
  • Echo Ridge & Beaconwood Apartments
    • Working with NHA and the Department of Housing and Community Development, Jones Payne evaluated the existing conditions of windows, roof replacements, and indoor air quality at 2 housing developments: Echo Ridge and Beaconwood Apartments.
      • Echo Ridge consisted of 40 units of elderly housing units in 4 buildings.
      • Beaconwood consisted of 20 units in 10, 2-family homes.
    • Implemented phasing plans to reduce the impact of construction on tenants living in the apartments.
  • Parker House
    • Worked with NHA and the City of Newton to upgrade the building’s fire protection.
    • Safety upgrades included fire stops at the attic space and continuing the firewalls below to the roofline to bring the structure in line with current fire codes.
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