King County Department of Transportation
Seattle, Washington

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people in King County by providing mobility in a way that protects the environment, helps manage growth, and reduces traffic congestion. The department also works in partnership with many cities in the county as well as with subregional, regional, and state groups to integrate and improve transportation services. The Director’s Office provides overall leadership, coordination, and support for the department of transportation’s services and leads several department initiatives such as developing strategies to respond to emergencies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and planning transportation improvements to meet the needs of our growing population. 

Designated by the National Air Transportation Association as one of the country’s “100 most needed airports,” King County International Airport at Boeing Field is owned by the citizens of King County and continues to be vital to our local, regional, and state economies. The airport supports 300,000 aviation operations (takeoffs and landings) each year, and is home to dozens of aviation-related businesses.