Architecture practice group lead attends Aging + Place seminar

October 21, 2014

Sarah Degutis, architecture practice group lead attended the Aging + Place: Designing Housing & Communities for Aging Populations seminar at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.  

The event rolled out their “Housing America's Older Adults- Meeting the Needs of an Aging Population" report.  Key issues that were addressed:

  • The quickly multiplying aging population and their housing needs.
  • Aging in place is as much, or more, about community than home itself.  Accessibility within the home is important, but access to transportation, social connections, and support services is even more critical.
  • Large numbers of people will not be accommodated by the current public/subsidized housing programs and will not be able to afford to upgrade their homes or move into adequate housing facilities.

Jones Payne is committed to “helping make livable communities” and this seminar brought to light the need for well-planned and designed affordable housing for the aging population.