Rodney Smith, Jones Payne Certified Level E AGIS User

January 13, 2015

The Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Airport GIS (AGIS) is an online database management system to provide a centralized location for the gathering, coordination, validation, storage, and display of airport survey data and imagery.  The FAA's goals are to eliminate errors caused by independently managed databases, reduce the gathering of duplicate or redundant survey data, ensure that only the most current and accurate data is utilized and support the demands of the next generation (NEXTGEN) national airspace system.

As a registered AGIS user, Rodney Smith has successfully completed the detailed AGIS-IDLE training.  This training covers the FAA's Advisory Circulars (ACs) 150/5300-16, 150/5300-17, and 150/5300-18.  These ACs outline standards and requirements for all FAA sponsored surveys including; aeronautical surveys, airport construction, NAVAID installation and relocation, and survey data formulation/submittal to the Airports GIS (AGIS) website.

As a certified level E AGIS user, Mr. Smith is able to perform the collection, formatting, maintenance, and submittal of airport aeronautical data which results in an FAA hosted Electronic Aiport Layout Plan (eALP).  Through this process he can facilitate airport project workflows and manage the FAA data certification process to meet the reliability and accuracy requirements of the advisory circulars.