Gertrude E. Chamberlin Elementary School (Chamberlin Elementary) – located in South Burlington, VT – sits less than half a mile from Burlington International Airport (BTV). The school experiences daily interruptions from the sound of planes, due to its proximity to airport operations. BTV received a $3.49 million federal grant last October to fund work at Chamberlin Elementary, including upgrades to its ventilation system so that doors and windows can remain closed year-round to cut down on aircraft noise.

Jones Payne serves as BTV’s primary noise consultant for its Sound Insulation Program (Program). The Jones Payne team, including C3 Engineers, recently designed the repair package for positive ventilation upgrades at the school to ensure Program compliance. The package includes an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) that provides fresh air into the building while exhausting stale air to the outside. The new system supplies mechanical exhaust currently not present at the school, helping to reduce viral particle concentrations, which is beneficial in terms of filtering air for COVID-19. The ERV also contains a heat exchanger that transfers the heat from the exhaust air to the new supply air, providing the school with energy savings. Construction at Chamberlin Elementary is slated to begin in June, once the school ends its academic year.

As part of BTV’s expanded Program, more than 2,600 residential homes located within the airport’s defined sound insulation contours may receive acoustical treatments, weatherization and energy efficiency work. Jones Payne will begin assessments for BTV’s 10-home, residential pilot program pending grant funds.

BTV is home to the Vermont Air National Guard and F-35A aircraft. It is one of three civil-military airports that Jones Payne represents.

Pictured below:  Jones Payne Project Architect Nadia Melim and fellow team members conducting pre-walkthrough at Chamberlin Elementary

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