Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
Boston, Massachusetts

The Hub's transit system is the oldest in the nation and has a history longer than that of American independence. In terms of daily ridership, the MBTA remains the nation's 5th largest mass transit system. To carry out its mission it maintains 183 bus routes, 2 of which are Bus Rapid Transit lines, 3 rapid transit lines, 5 light rail (Central Subway/Green Line) routes, 4 trackless trolley lines and 13 commuter rail routes. Its roster of equipment consists of 1005 diesel and CNG buses, 32 dual mode buses, 28 ETB′s (electric trolley buses), 410 heavy rail vehicles, 200 light rail vehicles, 10 PCC's streetcars, 90 commuter rail locomotives, 410 commuter rail coaches and 464 MBTA-owned specially equipped vans and sedans, and an additional 182 contractor-supplied specially equipped vans and sedans. The MBTA can look back on a tradition of three hundred years of continuous mass transportation services. From the earliest beginnings to the present, the MBTA can be proud of its long tradition of innovation and progress.