Michael Payne, AIA – President, Managing Principal

ldrshp-mikeMichael leads the Jones Payne team with over 31 years of specialized experience in noise mitigation, providing key support for airport, transit and rail modernization programs. As principal-in-charge of 21 national noise mitigation programs, Michael works closely with airport officials, FAA personnel, building owners, local and regional planners, and regulatory officials to ensure their goals and agendas are incorporated into the programs that provide noise relief to impacted communities. Michael routinely consults with clients on policy and regulatory issues affecting noise mitigations programs across the country. As a registered architect with an expertise in design, construction and historic preservation, Michael reviews all design and construction documents prepared by the firm for quality and consistency. Ultimately, he is responsible for the performance of the Jones Payne team and ensures the delivery of superior service.

“What gives me the most satisfaction in my role as an architect and managing principal is the opportunity to preserve and enhance the sense of community and common welfare for both employees and clients. At Jones Payne, we work together to enhance the lives of people in the communities in which we serve.”

Diane Carter – Vice President 

ldrshp-dianeDiane has over 20 years of specialized experience in airport noise, environmental issues, mitigation planning, and program implementation. She oversees management functions at Jones Payne. She drives team collaboration and development in pursuit of the firm’s strategic initiatives. Diane also leads the noise mitigation practice for Jones Payne. She supervises the development and implementation of large-scale noise mitigation programs to include the sound insulation of residential and public structures as well as voluntary land acquisition. She initiates comprehensive noise mitigation plans and community relations programs, providing the guidance and coordination to ensure success. She also has extensive experience in the design, installation and implementation of noise and flight tracking systems. As a former airport noise officer for both commercial and general aviation airports, Diane possesses firsthand knowledge and experience working with communities across the country directly impacted by aircraft noise.

“It is very rewarding to assist a homeowner through the residential sound insulation process. Witnessing improvements to their lives because of acoustical treatments and upgrades to their home is second to none. With these improvements, the reduction in their electrical bills is always such a welcome surprise and bonus for the homeowner.”

John H. Hansen III, Associate AIA – Vice President 

ldrshp-johnJohn has 32 years of experience working on environmental noise, housing and commercial projects for public and private sector clients. He oversees marketing and business development for Jones Payne where he identifies new business opportunities and strategic partnerships and is responsible for expanding the firm’s presence. As supervisor for many of Jones Payne’s sound insulation projects, John directs management staff for design and construction activities. He spearheads the development of Jones Payne’s unique project delivery systems, including shared database networks, a Web-enabled program center, CADD applications, and production techniques. John’s experience in building renovation, his awareness of issues affecting acoustical treatment programs, and his ability to promote consensus, creates successful results. His involvement in projects in New England, the Midwest, and the South have provided him the regional and national experience to deal with unique project characteristics.

“Staying true to the ideals of our founding partners, our work reinforces who we are and who we aspire to be. As a strategic development lead and champion of our mission and vision, I have the unique privilege of leading a team of people who are developing innovative solutions that improve the quality of our communities, housing and lives.”

Eric Raboin – Principal

ldrshp-ericEric has served as a principal with Jones Payne for over 20 years. His specialized experience includes corporate financial management, practice group and program management, and business development services. Eric’s outstanding leadership has assisted the Jones Payne Group in its strategic planning endeavors, effective allocation of resources, and the positioning the firm for future success. Serving as both treasurer and manager of business development, Eric commands a dual role for Jones Payne. As treasurer, he drives the firm’s financial success, providing guidance and directing key strategy initiatives. As manager of business development, Eric serves as a catalyst to identify new business opportunities while building relationships, facilitating teaming strategy, formulating programs, and negotiating contracts. Eric also leads the firm’s property management practice where he oversees all support services for airport-sponsored land acquisition and homeowner relocation programs across the country.

“It’s a privilege to be associated with such a diverse and dynamic group of individuals who share a mission of “Building Livable Communities through Integrated Services”. Providing clients with exceptional service and leading environmental noise mitigation programs to communities nationwide is very rewarding to all of us at Jones Payne.”

Andrew C. Walter, Associate AIA, LEED AP – Principal

ldrshp-andrewAndrew oversees the information management practice at Jones Payne. He delivers information and GIS services to aviation as well as city, state and regional organizations. With a degree in architecture and over 20 years of experience designing and implementing data standards, procedures, systems, and applications, Andrew is skilled at multi-stakeholder projects. He manages cross functional teams and has developed a focus in utilizing technology and alternate delivery methods for project collaboration and workflow automation. Andrew oversees a variety of Jones Payne projects, including noise mitigation programs that include community outreach, design, construction management, and grant management services. He also leads efforts to provide cost estimating, national data searches, background data standards, custom databases and dynamic web applications.

“I enjoy bridging knowledge gaps between problems and solutions to help communities function and solve challenges. Whether it’s architecture, construction, planning, engagement, public input, application development, GIS and mapping, or data systems and analysis, I ‘speak’ the language and can thread together all of the pieces of the puzzle.”