John H. Hansen III, Associate AIA – President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

As President and Chief Executive Officer at Jones Payne, John works closely with the Board of Directors and management, providing strategic leadership in the establishment of the firm’s long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. John has over 32 years of specialized experience working on environmental noise, housing and commercial projects for public and private sector clients. He is adept at driving operational optimization and resource allocation to maximize value, and his contributions to the firm’s business development, project management and delivery methods, technology development and implementation, as well as staff development represent just some of his successes. Since joining the firm, John has served in lead roles to more than a dozen airport-sponsored residential sound insulation programs nationwide.

“Staying true to the ideals of our founding partners, our work reinforces who we are and who we aspire to be. As a strategic development lead and champion of our mission and vision, I have the unique privilege of leading a team of people who are developing innovative solutions that improve the quality of our communities, housing and lives.”


Diane Carter – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Diane serves as COO at Jones Payne where she formulates and implements operational strategies to ensure that the firm operates successfully and efficiently with regard to its physical and personnel resources. Diane has over 20 years of specialized expertise in airport noise, environmental issues, mitigation planning, and program implementation. She supervises the development and implementation of large-scale noise mitigation programs and leads planning and community outreach efforts, while providing guidance and coordination to ensure program success. Diane develops and maintains strong client and community relationships. As a former airport noise officer for both commercial and general aviation airports, she possesses firsthand knowledge and experience working with communities across the country directly impacted by aircraft noise.

“It is very rewarding to assist a homeowner through the residential sound insulation process. Witnessing improvements to their lives because of acoustical treatments and upgrades to their home is second to none. With these improvements, the reduction in their electrical bills is always such a welcome surprise and bonus for the homeowner.”


Jerry Osborn, AIA, LEED AP – Director of Architecture

As Director of Architecture, Jerry leads the design team at Jones Payne. From $30 thousand to $30 million, Jerry has successfully managed a wide range of design projects to include tenant improvements, heating and ventilation upgrades, envelope improvements, major site infrastructure, and a new vocational trades complex. He is knowledgeable in both current and past building methods and brings an accurate understanding for the amount of coordination necessary when dealing with existing construction. With over 32 years of facility architecture experience, Jerry has worked closely with a variety of clients, specializing in educational and civic projects.  He has served as an on-call campus architect for many community and technical colleges throughout the Pacific Northwest and facilitates infrastructure projects with the City of Seattle Asset Preservation Program. 

“It has never been more true in the practice of architecture that “no one is an island”. The complexities of modern buildings require expertise that no one individual can possess.  My role in projects is to develop a community of shared responsibility, to create and foster an environment of directed creativity where everyone is a stakeholder, sharing a common goal of developing architecture that responds to our clients’ needs.”



Eric Raboin – Director of Noise Mitigation

Eric has served in management at Jones Payne since the firm’s inception more than 22 years ago. His specialized experience includes corporate financial management, practice group and program management, and business development services.  In addition to directing the firm’s financial activities, as Director of Noise Mitigation, Eric serves as a catalyst to identify new business opportunities and is responsible for client relations, collaboration and strategy among project teams, and contract negotiations. He also oversees project formulation and implementation activities, helping the noise mitigation team achieve its goals. Eric is the developer of our property management practice supporting airport-sponsored land acquisition and homeowner relocation programs.

“It’s a privilege to be associated with such a diverse and dynamic group of individuals who share a mission of “Building Livable Communities through Integrated Services”. Providing clients with exceptional service and leading environmental noise mitigation programs to communities nationwide is very rewarding to all of us at Jones Payne.”



Andrew C. Walter, Associate AIA, LEED AP – Director of Information Management

Andrew directs, leads and manages the development and implementation of geospatial data and management information system services to aviation as well as city, state and regional organizations. With a degree in architecture and over 20 years of experience designing and implementing data standards, procedures and system and applications, Andrew is skilled at multi-stakeholder projects. He manages cross functional teams and has developed a focus in utilizing technology and alternate delivery methods for project collaboration and workflow automation. Andrew has also managed numerous airport-sponsored residential sound insulation programs nationwide.

“I enjoy bridging knowledge gaps between problems and solutions to help communities function and solve challenges. Whether it’s architecture, construction, planning, engagement, public input, application development, GIS and mapping, or data systems and analysis, I ‘speak’ the language and can thread together all of the pieces of the puzzle.”



Patrick Leroy, AIA – Associate

Serving in a dual role at Jones Payne – as project architect and project manager – Patrick has created design solutions for a wide range of building types. His contributions over the past 24 years have made a significant impact in the firm’s transportation, housing, education and community markets. Patrick is committed to improving client and customer satisfaction, and his ability to motivate team members has led to his continued success in California and across the country. As an Associate at Jones Payne, Patrick is the technical lead for the firm’s noise mitigation projects, responsible for marketing, overseeing and managing their growth, including two at Los Angeles World Airports, San Francisco International Airport, San Diego International Airport, and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

“The thing I enjoy the most about my work is finding solutions to complex challenges that meet the needs of our clients and their programs while making homeowners happy. The wide variety of homes and the conditions we encounter always strengthen our skills as designers, allowing us to better serve the communities where people live, work and reflect.”



Nadia Melim, AIA – Associate

Nadia’s 15-year career spans a variety of work on publicly funded facilities, including new construction, whole building renovations, tenant improvements, envelope overhauls, and facilities upgrades. She is an expert at building consensus, ensuring clients and teams communicate effectively and work together to maintain schedules and budgets. As an Associate at Jones Payne, Nadia is the lead architect for the New England area, responsible for marketing, overseeing and managing the firm’s facility architecture projects, including our current work at Blackfan Circle, Chelsea Wharf, and Burlington International Airport’s Facility Sound Insulation Program. 

“Facilities architecture can be a complex puzzle to solve. There is no blank canvas to start from and usually, there is a list of problems that don’t necessarily weave well into the existing building. Finding creative solutions to those problems, and weaving them in so it feels right for our clients, at the same time ensuring the spaces are well-suited to the human body and function better, is a challenge I enjoy taking on.”   

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