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Bringing in-depth, detailed tracking and management capabilities to community land trusts, WeaverPRM (property relationship manager) integrates workflow tracking, dwelling, and homeowner information into a web-based software system designed to help organize and manage parcel and property-based activities.

With its easy-to-use, web-based interface and flexible design, WeaverPRM offers access to the information that is key to your ability to report to your constituents and your community. Incorporate spreadsheets, databases, financial information, and homeowner correspondence into WeaverPRM for streamlined and organized workflow management.

The system’s modules, dashboards, reports, maps, and functions can provide multiple views of workflow for properties and project data, helping to:

  • Inventory land, using parcels, buildings, units, and people.
  • Track projects, grants, and construction.
  • Manage communication with homeowners via laptop, PDA, or Smartphone.
  • Create reports for homeowners, foundations, and boards of directors.
  • Scan and file documents such as deeds, warranties, and leaseholder agreements.
  • Assess project status and answer grant application questions.
  • Track where properties are within the production cycle.
  • Maintain a history of homeowner interactions and documents.
  • Build a database of homeowner issues and resolutions useful for planning future projects or training new staff.

Contact Management

WeaverPRM has an easy-to-use contact log together with strong case management capability. You can also customize mail merge documents for project letters and forms and then automatically stores copies of those documents and other attachments. The contact management functionality provides an invaluable resource when researching issues and responding to the public.

Multi-Level Reporting

Tracking and understanding the status of community-focused projects is a critical task, growing in complexity as the project progresses. WeaverPRM tracks parcels, buildings, units, and individuals, providing detailed dwelling-level, as well as aggregated higher-level, reports of phase, milestone, or grant progress.

Multi-User Access

WeaverPRM is available to multiple program users – administrative oversight, daily program management, or technical consultants. Deploying the application is as easy as opening a web browser.


WeaverPRM includes the analytical and reporting tools necessary to successfully handle all aspects of managing your land trust, including phasing project participants, homeowner communication, and workflow status tracking and reporting.

Scalable Mapping Solutions

If you use a GIS system, WeaverPRM can integrate with your existing GIS environment. WeaverPRM includes mash-up maps that can display your program status on maps from public web mapping services.

Add-on Customization

In addition to the base WeaverPRM system, you can contract for add-on customization to extend functionality and integration with such programs as QuickBooks, eTapestry, The Raiser’s Edge, and others.

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